Nuts bring back Jericho on CBS

In 2006, CBS introduced a new series, “Jericho“, about a small midwestern town banding together to survive after a series of coordinated nuclear attacks across the US. Part “Red Dawn“, part “The Day After” I’ll admit I got hooked on the show. CBS cancelled the show a few weeks back, prompting outrage among some viewers. A bit of hilarity ensued when nuts of all sorts started to show up via mail at CBS, sent by fans of the show. In a tip of the hat to the show’s reference of WWII’s General McAuliffe’s one-word response to a German surrender ultimatum (“Nuts!”), online groups started to mobilize. In all, a reported 20 TONS of nuts were delivered to CBS Entertainment in CA and NYC. The result is of course, CBS has reversed its decision to cancel the show (which was slated against American Idol). It will return as a mid-season replacement with at least 7 episodes.

I first heard about this two weeks ago when I stumbled on NutsOnline’s “Save Jericho” campaign. This is a great example of a small business identifying an opportunity and connecting with a smart marketing and social networking component.

And how did CBS make the announcement? On the JerichoWiki @ of course. My favorite line:

“P.S. Please stop sending us nuts :)”

Speaking of the nuts, from what I’ve learned, CBS is donating them all to our troops overseas. A smart move.

2 responses to “Nuts bring back Jericho on CBS”

  1. If any of your readers are interested in watching Jericho and never watched the first season, don’t forget that the first season of Jericho will be re-aired again starting July 6th. I never watched the first time, but I’ll be watching this time. If their that nuts about it then it has to be good right?

  2. Thanks for the tip brent!