Idea: ZuneFinder Gadget

I want to be more social. I really do. The problem is my trusty little Zune rarely has its WiFi radio turned on in order to save the battery when traveling. There’s nothing I like less than when my video ends abruptly for lack of juice. So it’s a personal sacrifice I make.

Here’s a simple idea that would turn the social aspects of my little Zune. It’s time for ZuneFinder. ZuneFinder would be a small Sidebar gadget or systray app that notifies me when a Zune is found in general vicinity I’m in. This would be great in airports, where I often camp out between flights near an AC plug. The big question is whether a Zune can be uniquely identified via your WiFi adapter. I have to imagine this is possible.

Then taking it a bit further, I could see ZuneFinder mashups- with a GPS, you could drive around and geomap all the Zunes you find in your area, automatically. Of course, the snarky will retort, “You won’t find any.” But being social should be passive, then active in nature. This is the appeal of Facebook.

Sadly, ZuneFinder doesn’t exist (that I know of). Has anyone been able to uniquely identify Zune devices from an app? Developers inquire within. 🙂