Top 10 Sidebar Gadgets

Home sick and head is swimming in sudafed- a good time for a diversion. Pete asks what my Top 10 Sidebar Gadgets are. Here is my latest list:

  1. Weatherbug
  2. Traffic by Live Search
  3. App Launcher
  4. Gas Price Information
  5. Outlook Info
  6. Traveler’s Toolkit
  7. iTunes or The Zune
  8. Multimeter
  9. DriveInfo
  10. The Magic Folder (great idea, but buggy on my system)

3 responses to “Top 10 Sidebar Gadgets”

  1. Almost all gadgets on the Windows Live Gallery didn’t work on a non-english version of Vista. I hope we will get a working Sidebar with SP1.

  2. Sorry to hear Tino. I’ll ask the team what their plans are.

  3. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with The Magic Folder. I am the author and caught word from another user that linked to it from your blog and wondered if I could help. Please contact me and maybe we can get it working for you. Also, have you tried the latest version 1.4 – tons of improvements?