Roxio Buzz- now with 100% more Silverlight

Earlier this week, Roxio launched a beta of Roxio Buzz with Silverlight Streaming support. What is Buzz? It’s a simple tool for editing and publishing user-generated video to the Web. This thing is so simple my mother could use it. Built with .NET (WPF), Buzz will encode and publish your video to a # of user-generated sites, or now, your free Silverlight Streaming account for embedding on your website. Bloggers can now go forth and enjoy the 4GB of free goodness. Could a Windows Live Writer plug-in be around the corner? A friend tells me, “Yes”.

One response to “Roxio Buzz- now with 100% more Silverlight”

  1. That would be a great tie in (LiveWriter). That’s what I use for all of my blogging and having the Silverlight Streaming built in would be a big deal. Sounds cool.

    =Ryan Stewart
    Adobe Evangelist