goes Silverlight!

This weekend, you can experience the Xbox Elite campaign in Silverlight on the homepage. Go check out the Xbxo 360 Elite in all its glory. (Note: If you don’t have the Silverlight Beta installed, you’ll see a ribbon to see the site in Silverlight, note that Silverlight is in Beta).

This is only the beginning… Kudos to the team on this pilot endeavor. I’m off to NY tomorrow- spend Mother’s Day with my mom (sorry honey) and then off to Streaming Media East. It should be a fun time.

4 responses to “ goes Silverlight!”

  1. very cool Sean – do you know if there is any easy way to take the Silverlight video and embed in another page as you can with YouTube or Soapbox videos? Be great to share more widely

  2. Jörg Müller Avatar
    Jörg Müller

    Can’t find it on – or has the date changed? I thought _this_ weekend meant May 13th/14th…

  3. Steve… I’m working on a livewriter plugin for creating silverlight video and embedding on blogs. Will be posting complete with source code soon

  4. @Jorg Muller: I’ve got a video capture of it here.