MIXing it Up in Vegas

Last night, Scott Guthrie and a few of us on the Silverlight product team went to see Aerosmith in concert at the Mandalay Bay – something I’ve always wanted to do and it as worth every moment!

Tonight I finally met Dave Winer in person at a Blogger meetup. Today was mostly partner meet & greets, keynote rehearsals (which look great) and a few other things. One of them was giving Jeff Sandquist a special edition Microsoft Silverlight skateboard- the same design seen in the intro video at http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight. He love skateboarding as do I. The difference is tha the can actually skateboard.

These are special giveaways for partners and customers. I’ve had to carry a few around the Venetian and keep getting stopped by security guards wanting to look at it, attendees etc. I have one extra and will probably send it spontaneously to the person who does the most impressive Silverlight-enabled app about 30 days from now. Heck, you might see a few given away at MIX07 🙂

Tomorrow blogging is going to be a bit sporadic as I have a pretty tight schedule but will try to post as soon as possible – lots to talk about, so much good but will be covered elsewhere.

If’ you’re at MIX and want to meet up and discuss Silverlight’s media capabilities, feel free to text me at +1-425-442-5712 or leave vmail (sporadic notification) and we’ll try and meet up Tuesday or Wednesday.

One response to “MIXing it Up in Vegas”

  1. Well, Sean, you USED to skateboard. I remember that you were boarding as a kid, long before it became really popular.