My iPod is addicted to BlackJack

My trusty ipod is sitting in its docking station and awakes on it’s own. I hear buzz buzz buzzing in my stereo speakers. My Cingular Blackjack is sitting right next to the iPod. What happens next?

The Blackjack continues buzzing from its data connection, picking up steam while my ipod starts to freak out- as if someone is randomly cycling up and down in the main menu, it goes into a full-on seizure. Then I realize the two are in cycle.

Holy cow… and they say these phones don’t cause cancer? Anyone else see this kind of behavior before before?

3 responses to “My iPod is addicted to BlackJack”

  1. I have seen stuff like this before. I had Nokia 7750 and everytime is rings my speakers makes weird noises. I know that happens alot with cell phones so no big deal. However I use to carry an emergency flashlight in my car that acted as a falshing red light that could be used at night to warn oncoming traffic. Gettign to the point, one day my phone was buy the flashlight in my car…they lights in the flashlight started going off all nutty..then my phone rang. That is some serious eletroc magnetic interference if you ask me.

  2. My Cingular Sync phone has similar behavior. Every so often I can hear a strange sequence of clicking noises coming from my PC speakers, or any radio that is on near the phone (even the car radio). Apparently others have reported the issue, with one guy claiming that his speakers were blown out by the noise (his amp was cranked up). Some serious EMI is coming from these Samsung phones. A little scary, huh?



  3. This happens with pretty much any GSM phone.