P2P + Silverlight = LiveStation (Sling without the Box)

Interesting post over at Allen’s Media Industry blog at Gartner. Allen is Managing VP of Gartner and covering their media/digital media beat so it was a great pleasure to sit down w/ him. Prior to our meeting, he had a chance to meet with our friends at Skinkers who have answered the question of “Will Silverlight work with P2P?” with a resounding yes, with their LiveStation product which was demo’ed in our booth and their own. (Note: Microsoft has an equity stake in Skinkers so take that into account. Gartner does not <g>). LiveStation will broadcast live stations on the Web, presumably ad-supported, using Silverlight as the client and their own platform underneath with some “special P2P” goo from Microsoft.

To quote Allen:

The demo of LiveStation, which showed a good-quality picture from the BBC in the midst of a bandwidth-hogging tech show, has another thing going for it – its ability to leverage Microsoft’s new Silverlight platform to create “content experiences” based on LiveStation’s streams. Has interactive TV finally found its way to the consumer?

It’s a good question, and I look forward to Skinker’s public beta. I’ve been playing with Joost as well, both are fine examples of what can be done. It did occur to me that the Joost UI could be done in Silverlight, making it accessible everywhere the Silverlight client resides. But for me, content is more important than the medium. And my Slingbox is safely tethered to my TiVo for PVR supports for now. 🙂

3 responses to “P2P + Silverlight = LiveStation (Sling without the Box)”

  1. Hmmm, that’s an interesting use case I hadn’t thought of. It’ll be fun to follow this.

  2. Man! Sean is on the Silverlight team?!
    Well, that’s great news for the Silverlight team, but what the rest of us who want someone to join the Vista team so they can fix it?

  3. this sounds very cool! The whole internet TV thing is really starting to take shape now! I’m very excited!! By the way, this is a cool blog with TONS of stuff!