Top 10 Questions about Silverlight and Media

Finally coming up for air now after 10 hours of press briefings for nearly three days, I can finally talk more here about Silverlight:

Top 10 Questions About Silverlight and Media

  1. What media formats do you support?
    A: WMV7,8, 9/SMPTE VC-1, WMA, MP3
  2. What is SMPTE VC-1?
    A: WMV9 – now an open standard recognzied by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and shipping in all Blu-Ray and HD-DVD drives.
  3. Will Silverlight work with my current Windows Media?
    A: Yes, it most definitely will work with your existing Windows Media
  4. What do I have to do to add Silverlight to my site? For Mac and Windows playback?
    A: Once the beta ships in two weeks, all you’ll have to do is drop a little .js and XML into your page and away you go.
  5. Can additional formats be added for playback?
    A: No, part of the appeal of Silverlight is the small package size- 1MB, includes everything it needs for video and audio, animation, graphics and AJAX-based programmability to boot!
  6. What companies are supporting Silverlight?
    A: Major League Baseball, Brightcove, NetFlix, Frog Design, AvenueA/Razorfish, Akamai, and many others are among the names announced.
  7. How easy the install really going to be?
    A: How does 3 clicks sound for XP users? Vista users have one more click by default due to the user account feature. Web pages can be wired up to do in-line install and auto-refresh after you’re done.
  8. Can you really do 720p HD video? What 3D video card do I need?
    A: Definitely. About a 3ghz P4 class processor will work, regardless of video card. We’ve done some really neat processor optimizations. All the demos shown in the booth at NAB were run off a mid-range laptop.
  9. Why does resizing/scaling of apps “snap” differently in Safari/FireFox/IE?
    A: It all depends upon the way the browser renders. I won’t make any qualitative comment as your mileage may vary.
  10. Will Silverlight work with my existing web server? What about live streaming?
    A: For on-demand, yes! Run it on Darwin, Apache, whatever you’re running. Of course, you’ll get a few added benefits with Windows Media streaming- reduced bandwidth costs, faster seeking, etc.
  11. Where can I learn more?
    A: Right now you can learn more at The community site will go live at The Beta “Cruise” starts on April 30th.

2 responses to “Top 10 Questions about Silverlight and Media”

  1. Does Silverlight media object support listening scriptcommands? (with embedded media player object… <script type="text/javascript" for="PlayerA" event="ScriptCommand(scType,Param)"></script> )

  2. Can this be embeded on another web site. For example can people post this on their myspace page etc… just liek they do with slideshows and videos created in flash.

    Does this always require javascript to work? If so, then people will not be able to create and share.