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2 thoughts on “"How to kill a Brand"

  1. Haroon Alim says:

    Dear Alexander
    I don’t know what has been destroying my hard disks i had download a soft from net so something attacked my NTFS last formated drive and when i double click that drive it tells me you cant access but when i right click and explore i can enter to that drive but i entered a portable hardisk in ntfs format and it also attacked one last partition of that too.Even my antivirus cannot detect that symantic corporation so i also used to scan these drives for bad sectors or to fix it but its already fine i dont know why i cannot fix it even it attacked my friends harddisk ntfs formated last drive too. it only attacks last ntfs formated drives.
    Haroon alim

  2. Tim Barrett says:

    That PS3 video is hilarious! Thanks for the Monday morning laugh!! 🙂 (And regarding the comment from Haroon Alim – all I can say is "Wow…")

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