Sonos 2.1 Update now supports Zune Marketplace

My favorite digital audio receiver just added support for Zune Marketplace, Napster, Urge, Wal-Mart, etc. and enhancements for iTunes though they still won’t play Apple’s own DRM’d music (something Jobs left out he won’t license). Finally, my little white Sonos boxes aren’t sitting in a Zuneless island. Every time I think I’m done with DRM’d music services, they bring me back in. I have to say though, I’m increasingly impressed by Rhapsody’s integration with the Sonos. It makes me wonder, why shouldn’t all music services offer a network connected version, similar to what Napster is doing today?

Also note to music services – not everyone listening to your service is a twentysomething head-banging, ultramegalophile monster mashup music culture listener. Take some cues from XM’s “Flight 26”. I like my hard-core, but not when the kiddies are around. Families want to listen too. That’s a note to Sirius as well.

One response to “Sonos 2.1 Update now supports Zune Marketplace”

  1. The update has been available since January, it was announced at CES. The Sonos does a great job with streaming audio from Rhapsody directly with no PC needed and has a nice 30 day trial. If you have windows media player 11 it will work with just about any windows Play For Sure service. It also works on a Mac with iTunes, but no iTunes DRM songs yet…

    Also what I love is running the Sonos desktop player via terminal services on any Windows Mobile Device and the control windows lines up nicely. It is like having another Sonos CR11 controller with touch screen controls. On a UMPC or Tablet PC with touch it works even better! To get Satellite radio in the house the line input on the ZP80s works well, but you have no control over the channel selection. It would be nice if Sonos supported both XM and Sirius internet streaming.