Flickr having some "issues"?

My father pointed out that Flickr appears to be having some problems with its preview image system. A bunch of random pictures (not ours) are showing up as previews. Click through, and sometimes you’ll get the correct picture. For me, it’s happening on about one out of seven pictures. We have pro accounts. Suddenly I’m very nervous about the state of my photos on the site. Anyone else seeing this?

5 responses to “Flickr having some "issues"?”

  1. Try

  2. Someone who uses my Flickr mashup SmartSetr reported this to me today. Sounds like a very serious issue for Flickr.

  3. Sean, you may recall that I had a problem several months ago. Someone posted some very rude remarks to my old family photos even though I had limited the viewing to "family and friends". I sent a complaint to Flickr, but they never responded.

  4. Problem fixed. If you go to their forum page, you’ll find several things to correct the problem

  5. I had the problem too. Sort of un-nerving. When I’d click to the picture I’d get a different (wrong – low rez) picture. Flickr says they were having server problems – but it feels like a hack to me.