Shocker: Michael Gartenberg joins Microsoft

All I can say is this is the kind of geek “Wow” a certain team was looking for – the evangelism team scored a coup with the hiring of reknowned analyst, Michael Gartenberg, formerly VP of Jupiter Research and prior to that, at Gartner. While details are still unfolding about his new job, it’s possible that in his role as Enthusiast Evangelist, Michael will have an indelible impact in a number of areas ranging from customer interaction to user-centric product design.

Our team brought in Michael to provide feedback on some challenges we were having last year with digital media integration across the OS. The engineers found his feedback to be incredibly insightful and focused on the end-user while taking into account technical capabilities of the OS. A lot of changes for the good were made based on his comments.

As for the news around the blogosphere, Jeremy Toeman has a good summary here. As do Jeff Sandquist and Thomas Hawk. I for one look forward to working with Michael again.

Welcome Michael!

One response to “Shocker: Michael Gartenberg joins Microsoft”

  1. Thanks Sean, looking forward to working with you again as well. Thanks for the kind words 🙂