Updated "WPF/E" February CTP now available

Last night, we posted a February update to the “WPF/E” Community Technology Preview for Windows and Mac. Ryan Stewart at ZDNet picked up the new and talks about the update here. The Channel9 guys already updated the C9 “WPF/E” playground to support the new release. The SDK should be available shortly – team is putting some finishing touches on it and the webpages at the DevCenter.

New features for developers include:

  • Keyboard Input (KeyUp/KeyDown)
  • MP3 Support
  • Mouse cursor support
  • Async downloader
  • Simple text metrics
  • Full screen mode
  • Lots of performance work
  • Improved JavaScript APIs

The team is making good progress and a sincere thank you goes out to all the customers providing feedback. We’re getting lots of requests for briefings, details, and the general buzz is palpable. It’s hard to handle all of them. In fact, I’m hiring- more details on that later.

(For those who have asked, I still have the flu but getting better. Thanks for the well wishes- heading back to bed.)