Exclusive: Vista Special Edition Launch PC Pics

IMG_2064While visiting a friend yesterday in the OEM Group at Microsoft, I spied an interesting sub-notebook on his desk. It appeared to have a Windows Vista logo jeweled into the case and backlit in color. My trusty camera in tow, I snapped a few pictures for your enjoyment.

The PC was a special edition created exclusively for a select number of partners (read: executives). Microsoft partnered with ASUS to custom-build these little gems to demonstrate how laptops can take advantage of the latest technology in Windows Vista. It’s a widescreen Tablet PC, a Media Center, runs Vista Ultimate with Aero Glass, and even has a fingerprint scanner and smart card reader for login. It also sports the latest Intel Centrino and Core2Duo technology. Battery life is impressive as well.

IMG_2069Unfortunately you won’t find these PCs at retail with the Vista logo, but it’s a nice example of what PC OEMs can do when motivated. Even the materials are premium, not plastic in texture. Reportedly there are a few of these running around with leather finish!

As for the Tablet features? It’s the first tablet my friend ever really liked. With Vista, he’s gone so far as to say he enjoys the tablet feature. Of course I’m drooling over the PC and would love to see what I could do with Microsoft Expression Studio on it.

More pics here.

Here’s to hoping PC manufacturers are willing to take even bolder risks in design. To that end, IDSA and Microsoft partnered again this year on the Next-Gen PC Design Competition. Entries are closed, and the winners will be announced in April. I’m hoping to see some phenomenal new prototypes later this year.

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  1. We’ve been dorking around with Vista for a while. It is fun to use but unfortunately repeatedly crashed us when using Vegas 7.0. Had to use a "previous version of windows". Anyway, I am going to a lunch and learn on Vista in a couple of weeks and will be posting a podcast on it. Anyone who wants me to send them an email when I have it posted I invite to drop me a comment. http://www.pugettown.com Or you could just subscribe to my RSS feed. 😉