Vista Media Center Online Media is now LIVE in US

Next time you start up Media Center, the Online Media strip should automatically refresh with the new content (it may take a few minutes). Additional partners will be filtering in shortly. Looks like things are getting prepped for the Vista launch at the end of the month.

7 responses to “Vista Media Center Online Media is now LIVE in US”

  1. Thanks for the heads up Sean. I was excited to see the new apps, but that changed quickly. Seems like a lot of these apps are just the same from MCE 2005. This is what hurts MS when partners make crap software. Folks blame MS but it is MTV overdrive that crashed my system. Even if most of them were stable, I would have to say they are at the very least ugly, not taking advantage of any of the eye candy vista can provide. I hope it gets better.

  2. Seems the old IE languege setting "trick" on MCE2005 no longer works for non en-us versions. Anyone got any luck on getting this to work on a non en-us Vista build.?

  3. If you’re seeing crashing issues, please let me know. I’ll alert the team.

  4. What happened to REUTERS in the Showcase? It was the BEST designed component in Online Showcase with MCE2005. I am very disappointed it is not in Vista MCE.

  5. i’ll ask the team re: Reuters

  6. Hi Berry,
    Got any luck on getting this to work on a non en-us Vista?

  7. I had the content up until I did a system restore. Now I can’t get it back!!!!!!! Any help would be appreciated!