Sneak Peek: Halo 2 for Windows w/ Live

While on the show floor, I got permission from a friend to video behind the scenes at the Games for Windows Booth. Unbeknownst to many, they were enjoying Halo 2 for Windows on DirectX 10-enabled NVidia cards, in some of the fastest PCs yet. You’ll notice a sneak peek of the Live for Windows integration announced, which will for the first time enable you to play on Windows against others.

Video: Vista Halo 2 with Live integration from CES 2007

No details on whether you’ll be able to play Halo 2 on PC against users on Xbox 360, however I did notice a few maps I didn’t recognize while playing, evaluating the platform. Long Zheng has more on Live for Windows here.

2 responses to “Sneak Peek: Halo 2 for Windows w/ Live”

  1. Might be a nitpick, but I really wish we called this Xbox Live for Windows and not just Live – how do "normal" people differentiate Live for Windows and Windows Live?

  2. This is very cool. Can’t wait to get hold of Direct X 10 it looks so awesome.

    Josh Chandler