Thoughts on Apple iPhone

Well, no integrated TV (yet), but it looks like my other prediction specific to the iPhone in August may be at least partly right. Remember how Apple last year made a big pre-order with Intel/Micron’s IMFlash effort and everyone assumed it was for new iPods? An intrepid analyst should ask Apple if they’re going to use their 50nm NAND Flash in the iPhone. I believe so, and that it’s the secret to how they’re getting it so small. The 2nd manufacturing facility doesn’t come online until oh, just about the time the iPhone will ship. Most of the other players are still dealing with much larger (and bulkier) flash.

Anyone notice there was no announcement of iTunes Store in related? I’d expect they’ll do a deal w/ Cingular cum AT&T to provide free WiFi hotspot access to iTunes Store in public places. Next up- direct billing of media purchases to your AT&T bill…

One response to “Thoughts on Apple iPhone”

  1. At least initially, you will *not* be able to download iTunes Store purchases via WiFi. The only iTunes Store announcement made was the addition of Paramount to the movie providers, so there will be something entertaining to look at on the 3.5" screen (besides the interface).