Back from Blog Hiatus and 5 Things Meme

After we got power, I had a great vacation where I stayed unplugged from the grid (mostly) and reconnected with family and friends. But it’s a new year. I notice that Long Zheng and Brandon LeBlanc both tagged me for their “5 Things you didn’t know about me” meme:

1. I got my first computer ~1984 and after playing the first game, I knew wanted to work at the game developer some day – the game was “Flight Simulator II”.

2. I sold my backup copy of same program to a friend, something I’m not proud of.

3. I was operations manager of a small communcations software company making the first Windows GUI-based BBS. I quit and went back to school after being told the Internet was a fad.

4. I once did a developer keynote in germany with a 103+ degree fever and delirious. At the end of the presentation I reintroduced myself.

5. I ran the only Windows-based mirror site for the Mars Pathfinder project in partnership with NASA’s JPL. And yes, the load was so great, the mirroring software so bad that I spent nights in the server room debugging it. We’ve come a long way.

So there you go. I’m supposed to tag other bloggers. Here goes for Chris Pirillo, Shawn Morrissey, Robert Scoble, and Thomas Hawk.

P.S. – I’ll be at CES Sat-Tues. Ping me if others want to meet up, we may do a small dinner on Saturday.

One response to “Back from Blog Hiatus and 5 Things Meme”

  1. Yes, you got the PC jr with that miserable "chiclet" keyboard for Christmas, 1984. i thought it was a toy and didn’t want to "pony up" the extra $$ for a regular PC. I also talked you out of buying MSFT stock in the mid-1980’s. Nice calls, Dad.