Got a generator?

Cutting to the chase: If you have a credible source for generators in the 5000 watt range without price gouging in the Seattle area, please let us know here. Our area was among the hardest hit and we’re still without power in sub-25deg weather at night. We were VERY lucky (our neighbors had a 30ft maple tree come down on their house, we were boarding it up at 1am on Friday). I don’t trust PSE’s estimates – website says updated every few hours, they updated at 6am and 5pm tonight with limited information, KIRO 770AM has conflicting info.

A number of us are looking for generators in earnest. If you have a legitimate offer or contact, please let us know here. Thanks and god bless to others in similar situations.

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  1. We have power again.. if we can help in any way, call

  2. Hope you get your power back soon! Down here in Newport, Oregon we got winds on the bridge over 107 mph. Power was out for over 48 hours but luckily we have a rather large generator that powered us through the ordeal, oddly enough the whole town lost power again last night for a few hours as well. Sadly I can not help you with the generator as they are sold out in Washington and Oregon. Again good luck getting power back!

  3. Jeremy Kercheval Avatar
    Jeremy Kercheval

    Wenatchee Costco had several when I bought mine Friday afternoon. Not sure if they still do but you might check. My brother (Lake Forest Park) is also still woithout power but has a borrowed generator 🙂

  4. Really sorry to hear that Sean. Living in South Florida like I do, I understand the importance of having a generator. I bought a Honda and it’s perfect. So click here: and check out what they have. They do have 5000 watt ones. Since there wasn’t any major hurricanes this year they should have enough supply. Good luck to you and your family.

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  5. Okay I did a little more legwork… not knowing what your zipcode is i put in Microsoft’s to find an eStore dealer. Here are the names and addresses of dealers that sell the Honda Deluxe EM5000S (5000 watts):

    Agrishop, Inc
    18014 Redmond Way

    Goodsell Power Equipment
    13310 Bel Red Rd #203

    Lake City Honda
    12048 Lake City Way NE

    Issaquah Honda Kubota
    1745 NW Mall St

    Hope this helps a little. You can go online to see their prices before calling to see if they are price gouging.


  6. Thanks again everyone- looks like we’re through this one and helping others. All your help and support means more than we can say.