"Sprawl" The First "WPF/E" based game

Check out this game designed by DanC that has my wife salivating. Remember, my wife loves puzzle games and thanks to her, my gamerscore on Xbox Live keeps going up (thanks hon).

From Danc’s:

Pete, my old compatriot from Anark, was looking for a game design concept to turn into sample game for the Microsoft WPF/E samples they launched this Monday. He actually made it work with AI and everything. WPF/E is a lovely little web platform that Microsoft announced last year. It is in the early stages, but I have high hopes.

The game is a simple turn-based strategy game involving the capture of resources and the containment of enemies. If the response is good enough (and the programmer willing), there are quite a few more features I’d like to add.

Internally a few of us call this the, “Al Gore Game” (with respect of course). Planting greenfields is a good thing. The code to the game is available so feel free to create your own variant – theme it for whatever you want.