Stuck in San Jose, I want my sexy MD-80 back

Ahh yes, the wonderful days of business travel. It’s 9:20pm on Friday in San Jose and we’re still waiting for Alaska to put a new starter in our MD-80’s left engine. Nothing like pulling away from the gate and finding the engine won’t turn over. Somehow I don’t think a fire starter will solve this one.

Working and wifi’ing back in the terminal (still waiting for a replacement plane or part from SFO, whichever comes first), I saw the #1 link on Digg is Microsoft’s own Laura Foy, with her spoof of Justin Timberlake’s, “SexyBack” called, “I’m bringing XBOX back“. I miss these kinds of spoofs- nice to see Windows Vista isn’t the only team doing it. Now I’m just waiting for Windows Live to start shooting gerbils through a bulls-eye (my father still laughs about that one, sick but funny).

Back to the flight delays. One of these days, flight crews will realize that the 20 or 30 people on the plane with smartphones are getting more accurate departure status and timing information from the airlines’ own website while sitting IN the plane than what they’re being told by the crew that’s supposed to be flying the plane. Crowd control is one thing, not knowing your audience (and insulting them in the process) is another. C’est la vie!

2 responses to “Stuck in San Jose, I want my sexy MD-80 back”

  1. OMG, I watched the Outpost video…thought I’d die laughing! So close!

  2. I hate when a flight delays and the company don’t admit that is there fault.