Putting Vista on a Dyno

Back when I owned a Honda S2000 in the age of B.K. (before kids), my tweaker friends would do a, “Dyno Day” where they’d rent out a dyno facility and benchmark their supercharged, ultra-flow, boosted, EFI adjusted S2K’s.

Apparently that’s already started with Windows Vista. Using the new Windows Experience Index, overclockers are getting some impressive numbers for their PC “horsepower”. Jeff noted in comments on my Vistas PC post, that he was getting a 5.7 index # on his overclocked system. He included a how-to with details on his equipment – a Core 2 Duo system here. Not sure about the “Take that Microsoft” part (it was a Dell PC), but I felt an urge to go visit Fry’s and that’s not a good thing ™ according to my wife.

Instead, after playing Gears of War last night over at my house with ZuneGuy and Zunester, I’m thinking about how I can get a Zune to output display and control to my Prius on-screen display. Where’s Phil Torrone when I need him?