Exclusive: Vista Team's Custom PC Design

A friend in the Windows Vista team sent me pictures of a cool new PC for Windows Vista they just did with Dell for a promotion.

This hot-rod took the fastest Dell Media Center PC on the planet, then added a tricked out paint job by mondo paint mod shop Colorware to commemorate Windows Vista release to manufacturing. As the picture hints at, the finished result is top-notch automotive-quality paint that appears lit from within. That’s not surprising when you consider the specs of the system:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 Processor
  • 512MB NVidia GeForce 7900 GTX
  • 4GB RAM Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM @ 667mhz
  • 1Terabyte RAID0 SATA HDDs (2x500MB)
  • 48x Combo + 16x DVD+/-RW Double Layer Burner
  • Dual TV Tuners (Analog)
  • Dell 30″ Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor
  • Full 5.1 Surround Sound system

My contacts tell me this system has a Windows Experience Index # of this system is a 5.2. For those of you unfamiliar with this feature of Windows Vista, it is a ranking # that represents the capabilities of your PC based on performance of your video, CPU, memory, HD, etc. and can be used to determine which software will run best by matching the number or below (goodbye trying to deceipher 3 point text on bottom of software boxes to see if you can run the latest/greatest).

The Vista screamer was conceived as a way to commemorate the RTM of Windows Vista at the ship party. A few were made, and one contributed to Microsoft’s annual, “Giving Campaign” where OEM employees raffled it off, with Microsoft matching the raffled amount going to the United Way. Considering the full version will put you back $3200+tax, that’s a healthy donation.

The only thing it’s missing as far as I’m concerned is a Windows Sideshow display on the front and maybe an HD-DVD drive.

More pictures on my Flickr set.

Update: Fixed details on the charity process – it was a raffle.

5 responses to “Exclusive: Vista Team's Custom PC Design”

  1. Looks like an awesome system. Sadly though (as you’re probably aware) unless it comes with x64 Vista the likelihood of it actually seeing all 4GB of RAM once you get into Windows is slim. I wonder what the new 8 core systems Dell are now shipping get on the Experience Index…

  2. I’m not a real Dell fan, but it looks nice, kinda..

  3. Heh heh– my Experience Index is 5.7, the lowest scores are CPU and Memory tied at 5.7. TAKE THAT MICROSOFT!


  4. Si el windows vista fuera de los u$s 50 a los u$s 200 como máximo se evitaria en mayor medida la pirateria, ya que la mayoria de las personas lo comprariamos original.