HD TV and Movies on your Xbox 360

Michael Gartenberg has a good analysis on the Xbox HD TV and Movie service announced earlier today:

Net? A good move for Microsoft and XBox to add functionality without compromising anything related to game play. Don’t be fooled by the limited content (although current content maps to the gamer demographic well). Like iTunes, we’ll see more stuff coming to Live pretty quickly.

Engadget has details here. VC-1 will be the codec used for delivery of HD content. The HD trailers were just an appetizer. IPTV just became a mainstream reality overnight.

One response to “HD TV and Movies on your Xbox 360”

  1. this might be a reason for it to be time to start looking back into MediaCenter PCs then, eh? Can’t they stream to the 360, or 360 to MCPC? Darn, more investigation and decisions to make, and I was just about ready to pull the trigger on a Tivo.