Xbox 360 serves up major treats for Halloween, gets 1080p, WMV, and more

From Major Nelson:

Looking for official details on the Fall Dashboard update? Check out the Newsflash (or the complete list of new features) just posted on then look for the update to head your way after 0200 PT Tuesday morning (What time is that in my time zone?.) If this whole ‘update’ thing is new to you, don’t worry…it’s quick, free and painless. Next time you login into Xbox Live you’ll get prompted to receive the update…it’s that easy. There is no way to force the update (and, regardless of what you have heard, it’s not geographical based.) So sit back and relax and it get ready for the update sometime after 0200 PT Tuesday morning, October 31st.

Can you say, “Ready for HD-DVD” or “Ready for WMP11”? Nice work.

One response to “Xbox 360 serves up major treats for Halloween, gets 1080p, WMV, and more”

  1. update 1080p is good, n more… I will say 360 next is its portable.

    here is my design/opinion of the xbox360portable n the rival psp2, etc

    offical name(90% will be):mobile xbox 360 (mx360)

    cpu 900mhz – 1.2G core solo

    v/gpu 350mhz-450mhz (=geforce 5700/6600)

    system ram 64mb, video ram 64mb, total 128mb memory

    touchscreen tft lcd 4.5"-7" 16:10 800×480 / 1024×600

    hd 4-8Gb / 20Gb (game install, game save)

    2.5" mini disc (game, movie video)

    1.3mp webcam support Wi-Fi game chat

    Wi-Fi, bluetooth, web browser, global multi-language support

    stereo speaker, SRS Trusurround, WOW

    MP3, MP4, wav…..

    3000mAh battery x 2 (position under 2 handles n the buttom part of the machine)


    new hi-tech body handle design:

    2 handles (left n right for left n right handed person) on top of the machine

    8 directions joystick x 2 (left n right handles)
    2 gun buttons below 2 handles

    2 hands hold the machine body, 1 thumb control the joystick, 1 finger press the gun button

    (the whole machine looks like a devil’s head, cos 2 handles on top of the machine,
    not like psp’s control on screen’s left n right)

    built-in motion response system (play shooting, car racing, flight simulation game) = ps3 6 axis

    gun button (play shooting, car racing game)= ps3 x2 y2 button

    launch 4Q 2007 – 3Q 2008

    US$250(4-8g hd) – us$300(20g hd)


    psp3-D launch 1Q 2009 – 3Q 2009

    cell cpu 4 mobile equipment (cell generation 2)

    30/40g hd, total 256mb ram (128 system ram + 128 video/graphic ram)

    3-D Lcd hi-tech game machine + 5.1 headphone + 3-D eyeglass……

    7" wsvga 1024×600 tft 3-D lcd

    psp2 can be a personal game server anytime using wi-fi/4G, connect up to 32 players

    build-in mobile phone

    US$300 – US$380


    nds-advance launch 2Q 2008 – 4Q 2008

    2 x 4.5"-7" wsvga 1024×600 tft lcd

    super thin design 17mm = 1.7cm only include battery

    US$200 – US$250