Why everyone should watch U2/Green Day's, "The Saints are Coming"

If you haven’t seen U2 and Green Day’s music video, “The Saints are Coming“, please take a moment and check it out here on MTV. Done as a part of the Music Rising project to bring the music back to New Orleans, the song debuted on ESPN, a cover of the Scottish punk band, The Skids.

Watching this video is like watching an alternate universe, or a DVD where the alternate ending was so much better you felt somehow shorted by the director. Only in this case, the original ending was reality. Watch and you’ll understand. I wish more musicians used their influence to this kind of good measure.

4 responses to “Why everyone should watch U2/Green Day's, "The Saints are Coming"”

  1. Sean,

    Take that for crappy DRM/Copyright laws. When trying to view the video (I live in the UK), your link to MTV had this inane message about copright not allowing the video to be shown outside of the US. What a joke. Good thing that it is showing on YouTube.


  2. Great, yet another US only link. [Not your fault Sean] But what is it with companies of late? They want everyone to view and buy their stuff, don’t want piracy, but then exclude everywhere outside "the center of the universe" and then wonder why people hack and pirate.

    Get stuffed MTV, your another one on my rapidly growing blacklist. Muppets.

    Here is the YouTube link [God bless you Google] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seGhTWE98DU

  3. That sucks guys but the blame doesn’t just rest with MTV – you can thank the copyright holders that have such insane laws internationally that cause sites like MTV to just have to lock down.

  4. omg actually wanting me yo be able to watch it in the uk aaaaaaaa