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Microsoft’s 30-gigabyte Zune will retail for $249.99 — 99 cents higher than the iPod with the same amount of storage — when it goes on sale Nov. 14. Songs available for download at the Zune Marketplace service will cost about 99 cents a song, on par with prices at Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft said.

3 thoughts on “Zune costs whopping $0.99 more than iPod

  1. Lance says:

    Good to see the Xbox-like strategy of selling them at a loss. If it could just be a bit skinnier and with better battery life I’d seriously consider it.

  2. d49 says:

    Until microsoft get serious about podcasts I will stick with my recently purchased iPod and iTunes.

  3. Matt says:

    So, Zune is the same price as the iPod. It isn’t going to sell very well. The WiFi sounds pretty useless without router connectivity. The main thing I’d want this for over an iPod is WMA compatability. But Microsoft, in hypocritical and IMO stupid move, didn’t even make this player compatible with their DRM scheme. This is why I’ll never buy music corrupted with DRM.

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