iRiver to offer 4GB Clix? Magic 8-ball says "Likely"

I’m not in the business of rumors, however a reliable little birdie told me that iRiver America is close to announcing a special Black, 4GB version of the multi-award-winning iRiver Clix, which will be orderable from their site. The device is likely to be glossy black, have Audible support, and improved automotive support with details to come later. Timing is this October.

Oh and while you’re at it, if you have the Photoshop skills, enter the iRiver Clix wallpaper design contest and score yourself a freebie.

(And no, that’s not Chris Pirillo’s in the picture featured here)

2 responses to “iRiver to offer 4GB Clix? Magic 8-ball says "Likely"”

  1. Which raises a question:

    If you or I decide to give your/my 2GB clix to your/my S.O. and get the 4GB black beauty, what about the songs I/you have already bought from URGE? Playable on the new clix, or tied to the old forever?

  2. Pretty positive comments on DAPreview and Engadget about your post. I’ve got to agree with the Hulk comment at Engadget though that this announcement seems at least 6 months late. I’d buy an 8GB Clix in a hearbeat over a Nano but a 4GB Clix at the same or higher price than a 8GB Nano is a tough sell.