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A good friend of mine is in charge of 3rd party accessories for Zune. That means all accessories not from Microsoft. And now, he’s blogging over at And he’s getting an enthusiastic response for his open inquiries for feedback. Oh no, maybe the competition will hear a great idea too! It doesn’t matter – either way as consumers we win if he manages to adopt even a few of these ideas. Send em his way!

For all the lip-service Apple gives to community creativity, where is the iPod blog? Don’t send them your ideas, they don’t want them, especially if you’re in the third-grade.

If Robert Scoble is even just a little bit right in his book, Zune will win the marathon. Why? Time-released transparency is what I call it. PR folks know that timing can be worth millions of dollars in perception.mSo time your details, your release of details, and then go transparent on that stage. PR flaks? No. Recognizing the blend of PR and community that optimizes your business goals – yes.

4 thoughts on “Have you met the ZuneGuy?

  1. sportsunit says:

    Yes, Bill is cool indeed. He’ll be even cooler if he gets a Zune dock for the 360 in stores. Seriously, the open forum for accessory ideas is something that Apple would never do. Microsoft, after all these years, are just getting it. I don’t know what’s going on with Apple, Sony, Nintendo, and the other guys. But, that’s not Microsoft’s problem. I bought a 360 on day one and I’ll do the same for a zune. If it gives me even half the entertainment that I’m getting out of my 360, then I might as well just pre-order v2.

  2. Jamie says:

    The overwhelming feedback for Microsoft has been to support playsforsure in Zune, yet they wont.

    Tell me again, what exactly is new here? We have people bragging that Microsoft blog and Apple doesnt. Im astounded.

  3. d49 says:

    Apple might not blog but they seem to spend their time putting the features users want in their products you know stuff like podcasts mind you they did have this over a year ago!!!!. I finally gave up waiting for MS and purchased a new ipod (and sold my creative Zen Vision:M) and now have my podcasts all managed within the same software that handles my music and video.

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