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The good folks working on HD DVD at Microsoft have started a blog called “The HD DVD Insiders” – it’s starting out small, but for the Home Theater geek and industry pro alike, I expect this is going to become a popular site to supplement the AVSForums so many of us enjoy for the inside scoop. Not much content yet, but Ben and others tell me they have podcasts, interviews, Q&A’s and more in store. Subscribed.

6 thoughts on “The Microsoft HD DVD Insiders blog launches

  1. Blurayfreak says:

    Insiders are a always a good place to find hints. But they say what they really need to communicate…Indepedant websites are sometimes better (look at <a href="">HD DVD Freak</a> or <a href="">Blu-ray Freak</a>

  2. someone says:

    The WPF forum erased by questions, while the Vista blog didn’t seem to know!! and directed me here. Just goes to show how much really MS cares about their customers…and how certain questions they cannot answer suddenly disappear.

    1. Does WPF support all video formats and container types supported by DirectShow if the necessary codec decoders and format parsers are installed?
    2. Do you plan to have any extensible audio-video codec framework for the next version of WPF, similar to the WIC (Windows imaging component) in the current version of WPF?
    3. Can bitmap effects applied to videos as well?
    4. Can DirectX audio effects be used in WPF apps?

  3. Sorry to hear about the erasure "Someone". I’m happy to forward your questions along. Just to be clear, by WPF you are referring to Windows Presentation Framework right?

  4. someone says:

    Yes Windows Presentation Foundation

  5. youtubesoft says:

    Most popular soft for youtube video.

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