New Zune Teaser Video, Music

Lots of Zune chatter for the coming day. First, an article by the Seattle Weekly profiling J. and team. Scoble of course weighs in. As does Nathan Weinberg at Inside Microsoft. Now the site has a decidedly unusual, MTVish, yet intriguing video up (Flash intro, WMV download once you watch the intro). At first I worried about PETA raising up in arms but watch it all the way through- it’s worth it. The song is a new title, “The Second Coming of the Monkey God” by Ashtar Command – definitely one for my “Gym Rock” mix. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more Zune. (sorry, I couldn’t resist) :).

One response to “New Zune Teaser Video, Music”

  1. Is it intentional that the comingzune site doesn’t work in Firefox? 🙂