Remembering 9/11 and the events shortly after

Like so many, I’ll never forget where I was. Brushing my teeth, getting ready for work, I turned on the Today show just after the first plane hit. Images of the plane hit on the Empire State Building a generation before were conjured up. This must have been a freak accident. Then I saw the second plane hit. I yelled, called my wife into the room. She gasped when she realized what had happened. Cultural innocence had been shattered in an instance.

The Twin  Towers

I’m not going to write a long diatribe on how this event gave rise to blogging like some others are. In my opinion that would be to lose sight of what today is really about and personally I think it does a disservice. There are other days in which to discuss it. Remembering the innocent lives lost and the heroes who worked so valiantly to save them is what today is about.

Picture: I took this in December 1999 from Newark Airport.

2 responses to “Remembering 9/11 and the events shortly after”

  1. I lost 4 friends that horrible day. May God bless them.

  2. very well put…

    God bless and may peace and relif be with those whom are with us yet today.