Sony delays PS3 in Europe, shortages in JPN, US launch

Sony just can’t catch a break these days. According to the AP, only 100,000 units for Japan launch. 400,000 units for holiday in US, and delayed in Europe until March ’07. The blame is being placed on a lack of blue-laser diodes, needed for Blu-Ray drives. Supply-chains matter. It’s looking more and more like this holiday season belongs to Xbox 360 and Wii.

2 responses to “Sony delays PS3 in Europe, shortages in JPN, US launch”

  1. "Only" 100,000 PS3’s at launch for Japan would equate to about 2/3 of Xbox 360’s sales to date since launch there last year. Supply chains definitely matter but so does demand. There appears to be no supply problem with 360’s in Japan. It will be interesting to see how the recent price drop impacts the demand.


  2. Yes, demand for PS3 will likely be strong- it’s a national company, strong sales and heavy marketing in Japan all contribute. I still don’t believe that 100k units will be enough.