NetFlix goes Mobile

Ok, I admit it, I’m a NetFlix laggard. More times than I care to remember, I forget to update my NetFlix queue and discover new movie releases at the checkout stand at the grocery store. Then by the time I get home I’m distracted again. That’s why I’m excited about NetFlix Mobile. With the service you can see the next ten movies in your queue, browse for new movies, add to your queue, and even view a short synopsis. It’s a great start, but there are a few features I’d like to see:

  • UPC snap. Forget thumbing titles in for search – snap a picture with your cameraphone of the barcode on a movie to do.
  • Movie Ratings. Both professional and from friends in my circle.
  • Video Previews. Less necessary but interesting.
  • Upcoming releases. Browse a list of upcoming releases by genre, box office, and/or format (e.g. HD-DVD)
  • Queue reordering. Right now you can view and move to top, but you can’t reorder.

Either way, this is an idea that’s time is overdue. Bookmarked!