The Story behind Win95 and "Start Me Up"

Michael Gartenberg has an interesting recount of the negotiations between Microsoft and The Rolling Stones by Brad Silverberg and Brad Chase for the commercial rights to “Start Me Up”. Part 1 of 2 details the negotiations, and the new version of the song that almost was.

This got me thinking about what should be the launch theme of Windows Vista? (Disclaimer – I have no knowledge of any plans). Windows XP’s commercial anthem was Madonna’s “Ray of Light”. Everyone thought it would be Jimmi Hendrix’ “Are you eXPerienced?”. No doubt any music selected will be contemporary, but I think the anthem should be Van Halen’s, ““. Considering the following:

  • The original album hit #1 and was on the charts for 74 weeks, this is no small feat.
  • The median age of a target Windows PC user is in the same demographic that will remember the song fondly
  • The experience of Longhorn/Vista, the song’s lyrics speak to me about both the challenges and incredible effort of the engineering team to deliver what’s shaping up to be a great release
  • The song is forward-looking, capturing the essence of opportunity
  • Rock music is making a comeback 😉

Another nice choice would be U2’s ““, but given U2’s relationship with Apple, I doubt that would happen.

What song would you pick? Feel free to comment here.

6 responses to “The Story behind Win95 and "Start Me Up"”

  1. Considering the DRM I suggest Weird Al’s "Don’t Download This Song". 😉

  2. Part of me wants to say Jonny Lang’s "Been a long time Coming" but I think anything from Fatboy Slim’s repertoire is always gonna go down well – Weapon of Choice being the favourite. Let’s see if Steve Ballmer isn’t up for doing a pastiche of the video 🙂

  3. I was thinking about another Van Halen Song…
    Common baby finish what you started….

  4. Yeah… um, where have I heard that Van Halen song before?

    Oh that’s right:

  5. Hello,

    Here’s my pick: Land of Confusion by Genesis.
    1. For the title.
    2. For the lyrics.

    mustve dreamed a thousand dreams
    Been haunted by a million screams
    But I can hear the marching feet
    Theyre moving into the street.

    Now did you read the news today
    They say the dangers gone away
    But I can see the fires still alight
    There burning into the night.

    Theres too many men
    Too many people
    Making too many problems
    And not much love to go round
    Cant you see
    This is a land of confusion.

  6. Funny. SuperCouilles gets an A– Strongbad style for effort.