eBay on Media Center

Duncan tipped me off to a new video he just posted looking at mceAuction, an eBay add-in for Windows Media Center. Developed by long-time and highly respected Media Center developer Christoph Buenger of , this is a great example of the cool stuff you can do and winner of the, “eBay Star Developer Award 2006“.

New features include:

  • Show item’s location in Google Maps®
  • Get notification when you got outbid, your watched auction end in a few minutes, …
  • Shows shipping costs, payment options, item’s attributes, …
  • Shows all details for a seller (latest feedback, % feedback score, …)
  • List of other items from a seller
  • List of auctions in “my eBay” that are ending soon.

I can’t wait to see what Christoph and team comes up with using the Vista Media Center SDK and rumor has it he’s working on a Windows Sidebar gadget or two.

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