The Ultimate Karaoke Machine

My boss made me do it. Seriously. My boss wants me to blog about the Aquagate, saying it’s the coolest MP3 player he’s ever seen. It’s annual review time at Microsoft so I will humor him. Matteo Thun has partnered with Villeroy & Boch to bring this showering/steaming class cube that has been buzzing around the Internet. From their product material:

Thanks to the possibility of playing MP3-files or listening to your favourite radio programme, you can now relax and at the same time enjoy your favourite music during a refreshing shower or vitalising steam bath. Hot mist from above, cold mist at head-height, a ‘cool down’ programme that offers you coolness from top to toe, aroma and light therapy, a rain shower or a Scottish shower are all part of the extremely luxurious equipment level.

Aquagate™ is fitted with four delightful automatic programmes in which all functions are harmoniously combined. For a conscious and healthy life the Wake up, Relax, Fitness and Feel good programmes provide perfect relaxation at the right time of the day. The central gate of the Aquagate™ is available in the stylish materials teak-wood, pure Italian limestone and aluminium in a champagne-metallic colour. The cabin can be placed free-standing, but will also make an unprecedented impression as a design-icon in your bathroom against a wall or in a corner. The Aquagate™ is available in two spacious sizes: 90 x 100 cm and 100 x 130 cm. In our special Aquagate™ brochure you can read everything about the endless possibilities of the Aquagate™.

They had me at Steam shower, they lost me at Scottish shower. But I like the way they spell “programme” so I’m happy enough. An LCD display, USB port for loading MP3s. Too bad there’s no WiFi. This thing would be bad-ass with WiFi enabled access to your music library. Villeroy and Boch, I’m willing to beta test, just leave the Scotsman at home please. 😉

2 responses to “The Ultimate Karaoke Machine”

  1. This is Dave – Sean’s boss. For the record, I never "MADE" you do this – I simply said — how cool could this be to wake up to your fav music by simply touching the glass and have it play. And besides that, I want a demo unit… 🙂

  2. Cool. I’ve seen one but I don’t think it’s my tip but who knows?