XM or Sirius, Seriously

Like coke and pepsi, Windows or Mac, another heated debate is raging- XM or Sirius satellite radio. My wife wants a car that has XM, and already is talking about getting it because she thinks the playlist on Sirius’ Broadway is too limited. Of course, she never would have thought of this if not for my testing the Sirius S50. I’m sheepishly admitting I’m a Howard Stern fan (for better or for worse- I’m from the NY area) so I like Sirius also for NPR, and Rolling Stones radio. Fortunately for the rest of the unwashed masses, Marc Fisher has a to picking between the two. Now debate amongst yourselves šŸ™‚

5 responses to “XM or Sirius, Seriously”

  1. XM, without a doubt – programming, sound quality, they have it all! Only caveat: I wish that the streaming audio over the web worked with my Pocket PC web browser (it doesn’t) but you can’t win them all. -Tim

  2. It’s not just for the Broadway station, but that’s a big win in my book. I just can’t listen to any more Ethel Merman on the Sirius channel!! Enough already!

  3. NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Stern, NPR…. How do people pick XM. I have to say Sirius has the 18-55 Male nailed with that content.

  4. Sirius content much better. XM leads in hardware. Gotta go w/ sirius though

  5. I have them both. If you get a lifetime subscription to Sirius and/or XM membership monthly/annual and then you get secondary units at 6.95/month its not so bad and you get the best of both worlds. Great for family members at a crossroads like yourself or for gifts of year service if they have the radio in their car or purchasing a unit it makes for pretty affordable gift. Plus both stream on Windows Mobile devices… šŸ™‚

    Tim you can stream XM on your Pocket PC either via http://www.xstreamxm.com/ which is free if you want a UI for the PPC check out called Pocket XM Radio or Mobile Satellite Radio.

    For those with Sirius: