The Human Clock – A Classic Sidebar Gadget in the Making?

Sometimes a mashup of two existing ideas just makes sense. For example, let’s mash up two of the most popular Windows Sidebar Gadgets (or Widgets) – a clock and a photo sideshow. After seeing The Human Clock on it’s occurred to me that this would make a great Gadget for Windows Sidebar with a human element. Imagine a clock that shows original pictures from around the world, each incorporating the time in a unique way. It should be super-simple to write (I’m just a little busy with other projects right now <g>). Anyone want to write it (with the author’s permission of course).

2 responses to “The Human Clock – A Classic Sidebar Gadget in the Making?”

  1. Human clock is sooo cool 🙂
    I asked the author for permission to use the photos. If we get the permission to access the photos on his site or mirror the images on our webservers, i would try to build the sidebar gadget.

  2. The author of humanclock works on an API so that other software can access the images.
    I am looking forward to it…