Sirius Stiletto 100 – is that a scroll wheel?

As the Sirius S50 continues to shine on the list of Top 10 Most Wanted on eBay, apparently Crutchfield has published details about the truly portable Sirius Stiletto 100. Here are the latest details from OrbitCast:

  • True Portability. The Sirius Stiletto will have a built-in antenna that allows reception of Sirius’ signal without the need for an external car-dock or home-dock.
  • Antenna/headphones included. For supplemental reception, you get a Sirius antenna strapped to your noggin – included with the Stiletto.
  • 100 hours of Storage. The Sirius Stiletto handles MP3/WMA, and allows you to intermingle Sirius content with your own digital music collection. The Stiletto supports Microsoft’s PlaysForSure protocol.
  • WiFi Capability. The interface (pictured to your right) looks very similar to the Zing interface as SBS points out. I’d it’s not too far of a guess to say that the Stiletto is using the Zing’s WiFi technology – allowing you to stream Sirius online when you’re in a hotspot.
  • Battery Life. Two batteries are included with the packaging. One standard, and one extended life, which offers 4 hours of live SIRIUS reception, 14 hours of WiFi reception, and 22 hours of stored playback time. (The wording is a little fuzzy here – are these numbers from the standard battery? extended battery? or both?)
  • Cost. The Sirius Stiletto will MSRP for $399.99.

I suspect this device, like the Sirius S50 may be based upon a PortalPlayer design. Portal also provides the innards for the iPod as well as other players on the market. The implementation of course, is largely up to the end-manufacturer of the product. To me, it looks like an S50 and a Sansa got sensual and forgot to wear protection. 😉

Update0: According to Anything but iPod, CNet reports this device is powered by Zing.

Courtesy OrbitCast and Sirius Backstage

2 responses to “Sirius Stiletto 100 – is that a scroll wheel?”

  1. $399? Color me cheap once again but I’m not seeing the value proposition in this relatively low capacity, low feature flash device. The direct Sirius reception is the main selling point but at this price and with what is probably very spotty reception at best I’m not feeling the love for it.


  2. Satellite Receiver $79.00 + $199 MP3 player = $278. Yep. I’d tend to agree with you. 😉