Nikon goes WiFi for D200

Hot Donkey! Nikon just scored FCC approval for their new WiFi add-on to the Nikon D200. Engadget reports:

This new WT-3 Wireless Transmitter that’s just gotten FCC approval, however, looks to be fairly substantial, so maybe it won’t be so easily susceptible to the same problems. It’s also quite a bit more capable, not only wirelessly transmitting photos to your PC, but directly to an FTP server or printer as well. The transmitter will also apparently let you control your camera from your computer, and works with 100BaseTx/10BaseT wired networks if WiFi’s not your thing. According to the FCC filings, the transmitter’s designed to work exclusively with Nikon’s D200 digital SLR, but it seems fairly likely that the same technology could be put to use with other cameras sooner or later.

More details and pictures via Engadget

One response to “Nikon goes WiFi for D200”

  1. Notice that it’s also got a shutter release button for use in portrait mode! Sweet.