New HD-DVDs this week & Tony Soprano has a contract out.

New HD-DVD’s released this Tuesday

Aeon Flux (Paramount)
The Italian Job (2003) (Paramount)
U2: Rattle & Hum (Paramount)

courtesy High-Def Digest

Meanwhile in other news, HBO has announced they will be releasing The Sopranos in HD-DVD, making it the first TV program for either format. <rant> Unbelievably, The Sopranos hasn’t jumped the shark despite HBO’s ridiculous “season” schedule designed to extract maximum dollar from you and me. </rant>

One response to “New HD-DVDs this week & Tony Soprano has a contract out.”

  1. William Marczak Avatar
    William Marczak

    While glad to hear that The Sopranos are coming out on HD-DVD format, at $129 MSRP for only a small handful of episodes I’ll just pass this until a drastic price drop, which is probably not to likely considering HBO current DVD prices.