Dinner with Jeremy Toeman

Last night, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Jeremy Toeman, VP of Sling Media and a group of folks from the Windows Mobile team. I had a fantastic time- this was the first time Jeremy and I had met in person and we clicked. I’ve been a reader of his blog for some time at www.livedigitally.com which he does for fun on the side as I do this site. We both use Shure headphones. We both like to smoke… BBQ (gotcha!). We both love Slingbox. He set up my new HTC Breeze aka MTeoR aka Qtek 8600 with his own home account for testing (sustained 140kbps over EDGE in Bellevue WA). I was getting 14fps which was truly watchable. His wife called up shortly thereafter because he was fighting with her on the same TV for control. Uhoh- glad he was at the controls :). No marital tiff here, he just apologized and said he was doing a demo.

I forgot to take a picture, but as an owner and fan of the iRiver Clix, I gave him my launch jacket as a thank you for all the good (Windows Media) work that went into the Slingbox. I love my slingbox and with my new super fast cell phone, I’m sure to enjoy it on more wifely excursions.

Special thanks to Jonathan. I’ve officially been out-gadgeted. Of course, now my boss wants a Slingbox as well. 🙂

3 responses to “Dinner with Jeremy Toeman”

  1. "He set up my new HTC Breeze…" How about a post on that? Good, bad, better than the previous HTC’s?

  2. Had a great time, Sean. I took a few pix of me with the Clix today at the office – you’ve got the link so grab em if you want em!

    In addition to the BBQ, I also like to smoke…. cigars.

  3. I like cigars but don’t smoke them very often 😉