HD-DVD Tuesday (er… Wednesday)

I’m going to start a new segment, “HD-DVD Tuesdays” where I’ll list the new DVDs coming out in HD-DVD. I’m not going to include Blu-Ray here because frankly, I like my HD-DVD player and I’m not going to shell out the extra $$ for a Blu-Ray player that’s not executing as well as HD-DVD.

August 1 Releases

Four Brothers (Paramount)
The Manchurian Candidate (2004) (Paramount)
We Were Soldiers (Paramount)

courtesy High-Def Digest

One response to “HD-DVD Tuesday (er… Wednesday)”

  1. Mediocre review for "We Were Soldiers…". The writer should have made clear the importance of this major battle. Gen. Hal Moore was and is the real thing. If you want to know what the RVN war was really like, see this film.