AirPower Wiki

If you’re like me, you know how infuriating it can be to have a layover between flights and no access to power to recharge your battery. Airports are often stingy and attempt to hide their power outlets.

Jeff had a great idea- start a Wiki where users can post pictures and details on how to find AC power. Whether you want to watch a movie, surf, or get real work done, this is a great resource.

Sean’s Travel Tip #28: Often times when you find the outlet, someone else will be using it. Bring one of those dandy $3 3-outlet adapters with you to share with the other power user and potentially a third person such as a coworker. Worried about surges? There’s a solution here for you too. Go ahead, recoup some of the “Airport usage fee” rolled into the cost of that ticket. 😉

3 responses to “AirPower Wiki”

  1. what a great idea 😉
    I had a 5-hours-stop in NY when i flew back to Germany from the eBay DevCon at Las Vegas and was really astonished that there where accessible power outlets available at the airport. So i enjoyed almost 2 complete movies waiting for my next flight. And i also had my batteries charged after that 😉

  2. Great idea. is another good resource for finding which seats have powerports when you are on the plane.


  3. Awesome suggestion Lance.