Tags in Vista Media Center – A little work, a lot of payoff.

This past week, my aunt and uncle were visiting. He’s one of the top Pediatric Cardiologists in the nation and used to teach at Harvard Medical School. My Aunt is Headmaster of a presigious school for children with special needs. Neither has much time for geekery. Self-professed near-luddites, they were Mac users for 10 years, and hated moving to XP from Win9x. (I believe my Aunt said the UI was inspired by Fisher Price.) But this week, after they saw how easily I could pull up pictures from my son’s 3rd Birthday Party last weekend and a recent family reunion they were floored. They asked “Okay, what’s this Vista thing?” and “Where and when can I get it?”. I’ve never seen this response before.

Tagging is super-simple in Vista. Insert a card, plug in a camera, add a few words and you’ll save hours of searching through pictures by person, place, event, occasion and more. Users of Flickr and Zooomr know this.

The Microsoft PhotoBlog has more on this feature and others in Windows Vista. They’re posting pretty regularly and it’s nice to see.

Update0: Fixed the missing “o” in Zooomr – thanks!

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  1. FWIW… There’s three O’s in Zooomr. (There’s somebody else squatting on the zoomr.com domain name. We don’t need to send him any traffic.)