Agricultural Tech

Since moving to the outer ‘burbs a few years ago, my wife and I have been making a try at agricultural gardening. Our home came apportioned with a peach tree, a large cherry tree, pear tree, 3 varieties of apples, and 4 plots. Our goal has been to not kill everything off at once (we actually saved the cherry tree thanks to smart fertilizing and water management). Still, our garden patch may runneth over with tomatos, green beans, potatoes, our corn is looking pretty lame. Many of the seeds were duds because I put them too deep in the soil or were eaten by the &@(#$ crows. Our attempts at flash tape to scare them away didn’t work either.

From the “Why didn’t they think of this earlier?” files, check out Matchstick Garden. It’s a matchbook that holds 10 cardboard matches loaded with seeds and ready for planting. They’re doing wildflower and herb assortments right now as well as custom versions. Throw in that the sticks are made of bio-degradable, recycled waste and you have a cool solution for Sean-proof gardening.

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