'Tubing in Western Washington

While Senator Stevens is still trying to explain how the Internet is a series of tubes (must see: Jon Stewart clip), I’m thinking about a different kind of tube- the kind that you leisurely go down a river in. The weather is going to be sweltering here today so I’m thinking about going tubing while I’m still on vacation. A quick search on the ‘Net yields few references to tubing in Western Washington so I may just go down the Snoqualmie or Tolt Rivers in Carnation/North Bend and hope for the best.

Q1: Any suggestions or resources on great tubing/canoeing areas in Western Washington or a short drive from the area?

Q2: Is it time for “Geek Tubing” ala Geek Dinners?

P.S. Apologies to those who were up for a Geek Dinner in NJ, things were just too hectic for me to peel away. I’ll definitely set something up next time I’m in town.

3 responses to “'Tubing in Western Washington”

  1. Sean, the Tolt right behind our neighborhood into the Snoqualmie is fine as is the Skykomish in Monroe. Go over and talk to Jenny, she’ll have some good advice.

    Did you see my review of the Clix? Impressive device, as soon as the capacity on it gets increased it will be mine.


  2. A couple weekends ago there were quite a few ‘tubing incidents. Be careful.

  3. I’m agree with you.