Clix contest winner

In my totally unsanctioned but nice to poke have a little fun style, you might recall a month ago I announced a contest to win an iRiver Clix. The winner is in: Long Zheng’s “Feel the Beat” was selected based on its simplicity and spirit in line wiht the player+device+service combo. Long’s second design, “Press the Magic Number” was another top contender.

And for the heck of it, Austin wins the runner up “Nice try and yes, there’s some truth there too Award” for his entry I call, “Usable“. Austin gets a cool WMP11|iRiver Clix launch team jacket (with tiny logos) for his entry because it made me laugh.

Congrats to both our winners!

4 responses to “Clix contest winner”

  1. From yesterday all internet news are talking about MS’s new media player.
    Just before launching the clix, MS is working closely with iriver.
    At the same time, MS would be preparing it’s own device by gleaning all that knowledge from iriver.
    It would be really horrible business case.
    MS should be held in great respect by all it’s partners.

  2. ipod observer Avatar
    ipod observer

    It is funny thing that iriver didn’t catch MS’s plan although they are cooperating against ipod. Especially iriver had exposed a lot of technical info during clix development–;
    MS might be interest in technical info from iriver rather than clix itself.

  3. I won? Sweet. And no hard feelings about Windows Media Player, by the way. 🙂

    …so when do I get my jacket?

  4. Austin – I’m on vacation but will follow up with you when I get back – thanks 🙂